How to Repair Your Vinyl Fence for Spring

Call the Fence Professionals of the Eastern Shore Repair Your Vinyl Fence for Spring

Like any other fence material, vinyl fences sometimes fall victim to harsh winter weather on the Eastern Shore that can leave them cracked, shifted, or discolored by the time spring is here.

Vinyl fences are known for their durability and polished look surrounding your property. However, like any other fence material, they sometimes fall victim to harsh winter weather on the Eastern Shore that can leave them cracked, shifted, or discolored by the time spring is here. If you notice that your vinyl fence may be in need of a little TLC this season, consider these tips for repairing your fence and keeping your yard looking great.

Repairing Minor Cracks in Vinyl

While smaller cracks are often easily repaired, it is important to carefully follow the proper steps if you are trying to repair your vinyl fence on your own. Start by thoroughly cleaning your fence, then sand or buff away rough edges so that they may easily be filled. Once your preparations are complete, carefully apply a foam filler to the opening, and seal the filled fence opening with auto body filler to ensure that it is safe from moisture or further damage in the future.

Cosmetic Repairs

If the look of your fence needs a little TLC, it is best to start with a thorough cleaning before deciding whether or not to paint or alter your vinyl in any way. Smaller repairs may call for touch ups with vinyl adhesive paint, but it is best to consult a professional first to ensure that the paint will work on your fence.

Is a Building Permit Necessary?

You may need a building permit if you are making major repairs to your fence. However, it is best to ask your local authorities your start with any major repairs or building on your property. While one may not be necessary for small home repairs to minor damage, you may want to notify your community before replacing sections of your fence.

Call the Professionals for Fence Repairs in Talbot, Dorchester, and Queen Anne’s County

Major cracks, holes, or other types of damage may require the help of a professional to replace the damaged sections of the fence. Because vinyl fences are fairly simple to replace, you can keep your fence looking great with minimal repairs and a reasonable cost.  Ask a professional before attempting to make any major repairs on your own, as the pros have the proper tools and expertise to fix your fence and get your yard looking beautiful again.

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