Is Winter the Ideal Time to Install a New Fence?

New Fence

Winter may not seem ideal for installing a new fence, but there are some perks you may not have considered.

As brisk as the weather is during the winter, and with the shortened, darker days you probably don’t consider this time of year to be ideal for tackling outdoor improvement projects. However, there are a few other factors to consider before totally ruling out the winter for getting out there and installing some new features. In fact, there are many reasons why winter could be the ideal time of year to install a new fence. Let’s go over the tops reasons why winter is great for installing a new fence.

Easier Landscape

Because your trees, flowers, and other plants will be dormant in the winter, it will be much easier to manipulate your landscape to install a new fence. If you are a skilled gardener that has spent a lot of time and effort into growing a lush and beautiful garden, it would certainly concern you if contractors came in and stomped all over your yard. While your plants are sleeping, they’ll be able to easily install your fence without disturbing your landscape.

Keep Your Plants Protected

Speaking of plants, installing a fence could also help keep your garden protected and secluded from foot traffic, children playing, and other neighborhood disturbances. Use the fence to surround your landscape and preserve it in just the condition you want to keep it in, to be ready to grow back in the upcoming spring.

Quick Installation

There probably won’t be any wait times for fence installation in the winter. This means that you’ll be able to get the job done quickly and often for slightly cheaper prices. In addition, you’ll likely already want your fence installed in milder weather, to be ready for gatherings with your family and friends.

Already Prepared for Winter

In anticipation for winter, many homeowners do preparation to keep their fences in top condition to withstand the effects of winter weather. Installing the fence in the winter means that the materials will hold up better in the cold temperatures, snow, and sleet.

No Schedule Conflict

You may enjoy entertaining your friends and family at home in the spring and summer. This makes it harder to schedule installing a new fence, finding a block of days that works well with all the activities that you have planned in the warmer weather. In the winter, you’re more likely to find the time to have a new fence installed.

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