Custom Aluminum Gate for FenceFor over 30 years, United Fence and Deck has provided families throughout Maryland with the both the quality services  and construction to make their outdoor landscapes reach the true potential of its natural beauty. Aside from our satisfaction-guaranteed decking designs and construction , our family-owned and operated business specializes in completing your landscape with a custom-made, quality fence. We not only can construct for you the perfect wood option to complement your outdoor areas, but specialize in aluminum alternatives that lose none of the integrity or aesthetic appeal of the wooden counterparts.

At United Fence and Deck, we know that when it comes to your home, there is nothing more important than protecting your property and your family. Aluminum fences provide you and family with the security and privacy you deserve. There are numerous benefits to choosing an aluminum fence, and designs can vary for different personal styles and tastes. One of the benefits of aluminum over iron, for example, is that it is offered in a wider range of finishes – aluminum fences can be customized to come in black, white, bronze or green, much like wood fences’ own advantages . There are dozens of different styles from which to choose from, from straight bars and rails to finely-ornamented work. Decorative caps and other accessories are available to make your aluminum fence unique, and at United Fence and Deck, we can guide you through the entire design process.

For classic good looks, many homeowners consider the appeal and integrity of aluminum fencing to be the equal of wrought iron, with a lower cost and less maintenance. Aluminum never suffers from rust problems, and its security is ideal to protecting your outdoor areas. And aside from the aesthetic appeal, a quality aluminum fence also provides good security and supplies clear property boundaries wherever it is used.

For over 30 years, we at United Fence and Deck have been proudly serving the communities of Hurlock, Ridgley, Greensboro and surrounding areas. As a family-owned operation, we are there to consult and provide the designs that you’ve been envisioning, all with a personal touch. Call 410-476-7073 today and let us know how we can make those dreams a reality, or contact us at unitedfenceanddeck@gmail.com.

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