3 Types of Deck Railing Materials

3 Types of Deck Railing Materials

Deck railings complete the deck. Which kind might work best for yours?

Decks come in many shapes and sizes and have many uses. When planning a deck design, one must not forget about the deck railing. Many might focus on the deck structure itself, such as whether the deck is attached or detached, what pattern the deck surface is, and what purpose you might want the deck to have. While one must consider all those factors, the deck railing is what completes the look and provides much-needed safety. Below are three types of deck railing materials you might want for your Eastern Shore deck.

Wood Railing

If you have a wood deck, wood railing might be a natural choice. Wood is perhaps the most affordable material for decking, and it lasts for quite a few decades with proper maintenance. One will need to ensure that it remains sealed and stained, but wood deck railings and decks are sturdy and get the job done on the whole. Wood is also a great deck railing material because it can comply with limitless railing styles, from a simple craftsman look to a turned baluster design.

Vinyl Railing

Vinyl railing, like wood, is flexible to conform to a myriad of railing styles. On the other hand, vinyl is stronger and longer-lasting than wood, requires less maintenance, but does require a slightly higher budget. Vinyl requires very low maintenance, not much more than an occasional wash. Its most common color is white, although some decks might have tan vinyl railing. If you have a vinyl deck, you might naturally gravitate toward using a vinyl railing to match.

Aluminum Railing

If you are looking for excellent durability in your deck railing materials, then aluminum is for you. Aluminum is lightweight, highly durable, and requires very little maintenance. Its designs might be more limited compared to wood or vinyl, but its quality is high. Aluminum railing can come in various colors other than black, such as gold, tan, green, and white. Aluminum railing can go well with various types of decks, including vinyl or composite. If you have questions about which material might work best with your deck, United Fence and Deck can help!

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