5 Deck Cover Ideas

5 Deck Cover Ideas

Need some shade on deck? Consider these five deck cover ideas.

As the weather is cooling down, you may be looking to find the best way to enjoy the outdoors. If you have a backyard deck, you already have a great solution. However, whether it be hot or cool, direct sunlight can become uncomfortable for anyone. Below we shall look at five deck cover ideas to give you your much-needed shade.


You might want to get some sun, but you also don’t want the sun to beat down on your head. A pergola is a fantastic and classical feature that can give you both. Its slatted roof on four columns will allow some sun and some shade, depending on the time of day. One can create more shade by training vines on it. The options are plentiful: honeysuckle, wisteria, morning glory, and grapes are just a few. For protection against the rain, you can simply install a clear plastic roof over it.


When one thinks of an awning, one might imagine an ugly, dated contraption over some shop or house window. Today, awnings are still fashionable and come in different formats; for example, while there is the retractable awning, the canopy awning is another practical, modern option. Some awnings are metal, but these cost the most.


Among the several deck cover ideas, the gazebo is always a classic. Gazebos are excellent for enjoying nature while getting protection from it. With the addition of screening, you can keep the bugs out while enjoying a dinner al fresco, albeit in the shade. A gazebo can sit at one end of your deck and match in materials and style; if you have a traditional vinyl deck, you can also have a traditional vinyl gazebo.


If you want to keep it as simple as possible, you can always purchase a deck umbrella. This is likely the least expensive option, although it is less permanent than a built-in structure like a pergola, awning, or gazebo.


A pagoda is like a pergola, except its roof completely shelters one from the rain and sun. Another name for it might be a pavilion. While you won’t be able to create a garden overhead with it, you are free to add curtains, sconces, and furnishings as you please.

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