5 Tips for a Fantastic Deck Design

5 Tips for a Fantastic Deck Design

With deck design, there are several elements to take into consideration.

A deck is a great place to entertain, lounge, and enjoy the outdoors. A deck is an extension to the home that many would love to enjoy. However, when it comes to deck design, it can be hard to know where to start. Below are five tips to help you along your way.

1. Get the View

First, consider the design and placement of your house. Incorporate the look of the house into the deck design so that the two match seamlessly. Decks come at different levels, from low to high. United Fence and Deck offers Platform, Raised, Multi-leveled, and Free-standing decks to suit your home and property. Your house door will determine the height of the deck. The view you have, including the property’s best features, will determine the size, shape, positioning, and accessories to your deck.

2. Traffic Flow

The design of a deck not only considers how it will fit with the surrounding elements, but how it will flow within its own space also. A proper deck design will direct traffic flow in one or two directions, depending on the spaces you wish to designate for your deck. There will also be a natural flow from the house door to the deck’s stairs down to the yard. Depending on how high your deck will be, the stairs should lead down to the yard in a smooth, cascading manner onto a part of the yard where the continued flow is natural.

3. Material

Also, consider the material you would like. Wooden decks and composite decks both have their pros and cons. How much maintenance are you willing to put into the deck? How much are you willing to spend upfront and for maintenance? 

4. Pattern and Color

Whichever material you choose, the way in which the planks are laid also has an impact. When the pattern is too simple, the deck floor can look boring and unappealing. Just the way bricks can be laid in a certain pattern, so can the planks on a deck form visual interest. The color you choose will also impact the feel of the space. Wood requires color stains, while composites come in a healthy variety.

5. Features

How do you plan to use your deck? What you want and need out of a deck will inform its design too and determine functions for different spaces. You can provide an entertainment area with dining, an outdoor kitchen, seating, and more. Or, you can choose for it to be a sanctuary for you to just relax. With the right planning, it can happen.

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