Advantages of Aluminum vs. Wrought Iron Fencing

Advantages of Aluminum vs. Wrought Iron Fencing

An aluminum fence has more than just the look of iron. Read why aluminum might be the better choice for you.

Both iron and aluminum fences are beautiful. Wrought iron fencing is particularly classic. It is a highly durable material good for high security, and can come in an infinite variety of designs, from simple to ornate. Its frame is broader than aluminum, and is also much heavier. However, for the homeowner or commercial property owner who would like a little variation of the theme, aluminum is likely the better choice. Here are a few advantages aluminum fencing has over wrought iron.

Aluminum Doesn’t Rust

The most obvious advantage of aluminum over wrought iron is that aluminum does not rust. Aluminum requires very little maintenance, which makes it more desirable than even wood fencing in this respect. The most one would have to do to maintain aluminum fencing is to clean and check for loose hinges. As opposed to a wrought iron fence, an aluminum one can last for far longer.

Aluminum Is Secure

Aluminum is a lighter weight than wrought iron for sure, but it too does a good job in keeping your property secure. Aluminum is a naturally strong and resilient material. There are also different grades of security for aluminum fences, from residential to industrial security. 

Aluminum Costs Less

Aluminum also costs less than wrought iron. Because of its low maintenance, it also costs less in the long run, perhaps even costing less than a wood fence. Aluminum is a more affordable way to go than iron.

Aluminum Varies in Color

Unlike iron as well, aluminum fencing can come in black, white, bronze, or green. This allows for more flexibility in the aesthetic for which you are going for your property. An aluminum fence can stand out, or it can blend in. With aluminum, you can choose the best color to compliment your home.

Aluminum is Detailed

Lastly, just like iron, and aluminum fence come in endless designs. It can have the look of wrought iron with all its beauty, but be more affordable and long-lasting at the same time. It also has the ability to be installed on sloping ground, whereas wrought iron must be on a level surface. With aluminum, you can still have beauty and durability, no matter what property.

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