Are Aluminum Fences Good for Dogs?

Are Aluminum Fences Good for Dogs?

Will aluminum fencing work for your pets? Find out here.

Choosing a new fence can come with its challenges; it might not be that easy given the number of great possibilities! It can also take greater consideration if you have pets. If you have a dog, you can choose from a variety of materials and styles. If you are eyeing on aluminum, here’s the answer to the question, “Are aluminum fences good for dogs?”

The Pros of an Aluminum Fence

When selecting your fencing material and style, you likely know that taking the big picture into account is the best approach. An aluminum fence is higher on the budget but very low on maintenance needs. Therefore, you can expect to pay higher upfront but far lower as the years go by. All your aluminum fence will need is a hose down once in a while. 

Aluminum fences are also highly durable, not as strong as wrought iron, but just as good for residential properties and much lighter in weight. If you are looking for the best security out of all residential fencing, aluminum is the way to go. 

Lastly, aluminum is gorgeous and works great with a gorgeous view. If you have a view to a landscape or body of water, aluminum fencing maintains visibility to it while enforcing the property boundary.

Applications to Your Pets

If you have a dog of any size and of any energy level, you can say for certain that aluminum fences are good for dogs. Aluminum’s durability can face any dog and can reach a height that none can jump. Plus, if your dog spends part of the day outdoors in the backyard, spaces in between the pickets can allow it to see the world go by and be entertained. 

The greatest problem that an aluminum fence poses for pets is the spacing in between the pickets and the size of your dog. If you have a very small dog or a puppy, one can opt for a fence with smaller spacings between pickets. Otherwise, one can also install an aluminum puppy guard along the base. This low-level fence is decorative and adds an extra layer of protection between your dog and the outside world. Are aluminum fences good for dogs? Absolutely.

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