Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

Spend time outdoors this spring and enjoy your backyard to the utmost.

Health is something we are all concerned about these days. For decades, people have experimented with different ways of getting healthier and staying that way. Even so, researchers have discovered that staying well can be as simple as walking outside into the sunshine. Below are several benefits that outdoor living spaces have to offer.

Improve Mood

It may seem obvious, but going outside can improve one’s mood. There’s a reason why people want to go outdoors when they see the sun is shining. It explains why students want to have class outside on such days. Spending time soaking up the beauty of nature in all its sensory aspects decreases negative feelings and makes one happier.

Get Vitamin D

Many Americans spend time indoors throughout the year. After working 8 hours a day, and with only so much vacation time, there is little opportunity to get out in the sun. Add winter into the equation, and the time grows even less. However, fifteen minutes in the sun alone has shown to increase one’s Vitamin D level.

Improve Eyesight

Time in front of the computer screen is almost inevitable in this day and age. If you have a cellphone, a computer, or a desk job, you have a higher likelihood of experiencing fatigue, eye strain, and myopia (near-sightedness.) Time in outdoor living spaces can improve vision in children and reduce eye strain in adults.

Improve Memory

Perhaps because of the mood-boosting effects of spending time in outdoor living spaces, the activity can also improve one’s memory. For this reason, it can be helpful to take a break outside on the deck or patio before a big test, an important phone call, speech, or other event.

Relieve Stress

The other side of improving one’s mood is relieving stress. Stress can wear down a person, having mental, emotional, and physical effects. Especially with current events in April 2020, it is understandable if someone feels especially weary. Spending time in nature, even if it is only in one’s backyard, can help bring a sense of peace and calm. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

The best way to get the benefits of nature is to have outdoor living spaces in which to do so. On Maryland’s Eastern Shore, United Fence & Deck has been offering the best of distribution and installation services since 1939. If you need a new fence, a deck repair, or any other type of outdoor living feature, call them today!

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