Benefits of Having a Picket Fence

Benefits of Having a Picket Fence

What makes a picket fence so spectacular? There are plenty of reasons.

Quite a few homes in Maryland are without a proper fence. While one might reside in a safe neighborhood, having a fence of any kind is still a benefit for the property. In particular, a picket fence can be a great addition to a home’s landscape. Here are several reasons why a picket fence is a great pick for your property.

Timeless Appeal

Aside from all the practical benefits of this fence style, the picket fence has a timeless, classic appeal, especially in this country. The American dream conjures the image, and it itself comes in many variations, styles, and materials. You can always pick between different species of wood as well as composite and vinyl. There’s always a style to complement your house.

Property Value

With great beauty comes great practicality. Regardless of the type, a fence can increase the property value due to the protection and privacy it can offer. If you ever intend to sell your home, consider the fence to be an asset.

Barrier Against Intruders

Depending on how high and strong the fence is, it can give substantial protection against intruders. Whether you live in a rural, suburban, or urban area, a fence will show that there’s a boundary that one should not cross and will make it more challenging to cross.

Boundary for Pets and Kids

If you have a young family or a pet, a backyard fence is a must. Having a boundary provides protection for both young children and pets who want to run around freely. Without a fence, your pet dog could end up running loose into other people’s yards or even get lost.


Another benefit of the picket fence itself is that it gives semi-privacy. Privacy fences block off views entirely between the yard and the street or others’ yards, but a picket fence allows for some leeway. Pets can benefit from this, as they will be able to look beyond and watch the passing activity. If you do not have a huge need to screen off the street or neighbor view, but do want some added protection, the picket style is likely the best option for you.

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