Benefits of a Screened In Porch

Benefits of a Screened In Porch

Screened in porches are still popular for their many benefits!

Screened in porches are by no means rare, and still have numerous advantages today. One can see them in different forms, but you will generally find that many people find them desirable for the ample sunlight they give, among other reasons. Here are the main benefits of a screened in porch and how United Fence & Deck can help you realize your outdoor living goals!

Extra Living Space

A deck allows one to enjoy the outdoors in the sun and fresh air, and a screened in porch does practically the same. This type of porch allows one to enjoy the outdoors and provides extra living space that might have been harder to use without the shelter and screen. This added square footage can be a real benefit!

Free from the Worst Elements

Similarly, it allows one to enjoy the outdoors without the worst of nature’s elements. Bugs cannot get through the mesh to bother you as you snack or read a book, and the sun cannot beat down on your head and threaten a heat stroke. However, you still get to enjoy lots of sunshine and fresh air in this environment.

Multiple Possibilities

Like a deck, one can turn a screened in porch into many different types of rooms. It could be a lounge or outdoor dining room. It could be a game room complete with a TV and video game console. It could be your retreat where you house a hot tub or a hobby room fit for a professional. 

Increase House Value

Screened in porches can indeed add value to a home. Done right, the benefits of a screened in porch can be so obvious that it can attract renters or buyers more easily. The right placement, size, design, and finishes make all the difference.

Add What You Want

You can add many elements to this room, including features that would go in indoor spaces! One could add outdoor features like space heaters and hanging porch swings or chairs, but one could also include a fireplace. Ceiling fans and high ceilings are common. For more information on how United Fence & Deck can help you build a screened in porch on the Eastern Shore, contact us today!

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