Best Practices for Maintaining a Wooden Fence

Best Practices for Maintaining a Wooden Fence

Keep your wooden fence looking new through these easy practices.

A wooden fence is an ever-popular choice for fencing. Its beauty and charm give the landscape a natural feel. Wood is also a malleable material that can come in a broad array of designs that can accentuate your personal taste. You can even have customizable designs through a carpentry service. To keep your wooden fence looking its best for years to come, read on for the best practices for maintaining a wooden fence.

Keep It Clean

The first step is to keep your fence clean of dirt and debris. One can use a pressure washer to hose down the fence. 1,500 to 2,000 psi is recommended for pressure washers, as a higher force may be too strong for the wood to take. Once you fill the washer with water, you can spray in a constant, wide motion and watch the bright color of your old fence return.

Keep It Fresh

You will also want to reseal your wood fence every few years. If you choose to paint your fence, do not do so until you have resealed it first. Replace any missing screws or warped boards and tighten any loose boards. You will want to use stainless steel screws rather than regular nails, as these can rust over time. Check for termite damage and address any problems there also. 

Another way to keep your fence fresh is by applying a wood preserver around the base of the fence posts. The place where the fence is in contact with the ground is where it is most vulnerable to damage over time.

Keep It From the Wild

Also, keep vines and other plants from climbing over and burying your fence alive. Plants are moist, which means your wood will constantly be at a higher risk for rot and weathering. Vines also put more weight on the fence, which can also age it faster.

Design and Installation

Although the above measures for maintaining your wooden fence will certainly keep your fence looking its best for years to come, nothing helps better than starting off right from the beginning. Check out the various types of wood for fencing. Cedar, cypress, and redwood are naturally resistant to rot, termites, and other such damage. Pressure-treated pine is coated with a protective seal made to last and keep insects at bay. 

As for installation, be sure to get the necessary know-how (measuring the property line, marking room for gates, etc.) under your belt if you decide to do it yourself. If not, you can trust United Fence and Deck to install your beautiful fence the right way.

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