Best Wood for an Outdoor Deck

Best Wood for an Outdoor Deck

Looking to have a brand new wood deck? There is a variety of species from which to choose.

The winter is the perfect time to consider what your dream outdoor living quarters will look like when spring returns. You might not want to go outside right now, but the indoor seasons are an excellent opportunity to plan for the outdoors. If you see a beautiful outdoor deck in your future, you’ll have plenty of options for every component, from the material to the color to the details in the railing. Below are four types of wood to consider for your outdoor deck.


Cedar is perhaps the most durable and most accessible natural wood available for decking. Cedar is sturdy, long-lasting, and requires less maintenance. It has natural resins that repel insects and prevent mold and rot from forming. Cedar also has a beautiful warm color, although you can stain or paint it to suit your preferences. Like other natural woods, you will need to pressure wash it annually and seal it every few years for a deck lifespan of 15-20 years, if not longer.

Pressure-Treated Pine

If an affordable, natural wood is your goal, consider pressure-treated pine. Pine is hardy in itself, but a special pressurizing and coating process helps it to last far longer and be resistant to insects and water damage. Pressure-treated pine is your most affordable option and is beautiful too. Of course, it will require annual cleaning and regular sealing.

Exotic Hardwoods

Exotic hardwoods include species like the two most common, Ipe and Brazilian Teak, as well as Mahogany, Tiger Wood, Brazilian Redwood, and Brazilian Oak. These are all hardwoods that are definite in their strength and sturdiness. They come in beautiful rich shades, some darker or lighter. They are more difficult to install due to their hardiness and cost more, but one can trust they will get a stunning result. 


Composite is not technically a natural wood, but, as the name suggests, is a composition of wood and manmade materials. Specifically, it contains sawdust, recycled wood grains, plastic, and a binder. Like cedar, composite decking will last for around 20 years. Even better, though, is that it requires very little maintenance. At most, it requires periodical cleaning and inspecting for safety.

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