Building a Deck Around a Tree

Building a Deck Around a Tree

Enjoy the shade of a backyard tree on your own custom deck!

Decks provide an outdoor platform on which to enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Decks are often simple structures, but some are more complex than others, particularly ones with trees involved. You may have seen magazine-worthy pictures of well-polished decks with one or more trees growing in the middle of the platform. Could this be a deck solution for your tree-filled backyard? Indeed, it is possible for you; here are a few helpful details to know when building a deck around a tree. 

Deck Material

Practically any deck material will work when building a deck around a tree. One can use anything from wood to composite to vinyl. Wood is typically the most popular choice with various species available, including pine, cedar, and exotic woods like ipe and mahogany. On the other hand, vinyl and composite will require less maintenance on the whole.

Deck Height

The height of a deck encompassing one or more trees usually is pretty low. Should the tree fall, you won’t want to bring the whole deck down with it. Even so, any height is doable. If you want to have a deck at the same height as your hot tub, for example, the deck can be at that height and incorporate the tree. It could be helpful to have the deck high enough off the ground that you can perform maintenance from underneath it when necessary.

Framing Around the Tree

The way to preserve the structural integrity of the deck and account for a tree that grows wider every year is through strategic framing. The joists are the boards that hold the deck together and support the platform. One can arrange joists in a perpendicular fashion as to create an adjustable square around the tree trunk, which can widen as the tree grows. It is best to work with a professional deck designer and builder to create the best solution.

Your Vision

Building a deck around a tree is an opportunity to create a truly unique outdoor space. One can customize the deck’s outline and create custom, built-in seating in strategic places. Having a tree in the middle of your deck will provide natural shade during the summer and could be a divider or focal point in the space. United Fence & Deck can help you bring your vision to life on Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

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