Cedar Decking: Pros and Cons

Cedar Decking: Pros and Cons

Is cedar the best kind of wood decking material? There are certain pros and cons you should know!

One has several choices when it comes to deck materials, such as wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminum. However, wood decks also have a variety of options. Different wood species are fantastic for wood decking, and arguably, one of the best is cedar decking. What are the pros and cons of this particular wood? Check them out below.



There is no doubt that cedar decking can last a very long time. They have been a preferred building material for generations, as displayed by cedar shingles. They also have a natural oil that repels insects. Cedar decking material can come in different sizes, grades, and prices.


Cedar is also naturally beautiful. It is beautiful to behold and has a pleasant aroma as well. Western Red cedar has a warm yellow to red hue that makes a backyard all the more inviting. It is very flexible for handling different finishes, paints, and stains.


Believe it or not, cedar is more environmentally sustainable than synthetic products. Cedar helps to eliminate greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and producers grow cedar trees for lumber in controlled, sustainable forests.


Needs Maintenance

As a natural material, cedar does require a little more maintenance than a synthetic product like vinyl or composite might. Like other wood decks, a cedar deck will require routine cleaning and staining to seal it off from the elements.

More Easily Damaged

Unlike exotic woods like teak and tigerwood, cedar is a softwood, and therefore is more susceptible to dents and scratches from furniture, pets, dropped tools, etc. Your cedar deck maintenance routine should help mitigate any such damages. 

Possibility of Rot

Likewise, it is more likely to suffer rot if the deck is close to the ground, as moisture from the soil and grass can incubate around and under the structure. It is best to make sure you have no drainage issues around your home, fixing puddles and aerating the soil.


Installing or replacing a wood deck is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, entertain, and extend your home’s square footage. Cedar is arguably the best decking material due to its quality, naturalness, sustainability, and beauty. Like all materials, it requires maintenance and possibly a few repairs over time. Nonetheless, it is a great decking material.

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