Are Chain Link Fences Ugly?

Are Chain Link Fences Ugly?

Is a chain link fence as ugly as some people think?

Residential homeowners know that a yard is at its most secure with a trusty fence around it. A fence is more than just a border; it protects your home against possible intruders and keeps kids and pets within bounds. If you have a swimming pool, a fence is necessary by law. Homeowners have plenty of different fences from which to choose, but one that is commonly overlooked is the humble chain link fence. Are chain link fences really the ugly duckling of residential fencing? Find out the truth below!

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is perhaps the most practical fence on the market. With one of the lowest costs, chain link fences are by far the most affordable fence. What’s more, you’ll enjoy tougher security than with a wood, vinyl, or composite fence, as chain link steel is certainly more durable than any of the other options. You might not be able to have automatic privacy with a chain link fence, but that subject shall be covered later in this blog post. Overall, this type of fencing is affordable and durable, the most practical option available.

Maintaining Your Chain Link Fence

In neighborhoods where chain link fencing is common, one might not notice how unsightly it can appear. To some extent, beauty is in the eye of the beholder concerning chain link. Even so, there is a point when chain link fencing is ugly, and that is when it is not maintained. Owners should clean it and apply a rust prevention chemical annually to keep it looking its best.

Sprucing Up Your Chain Link Fence

Still not satisfied with the bare minimum? Fear not; there are ways to add some style to it. One option is to paint the fence. First, scrape off any flaking paint and rust with a wire brush, clean it, apply an anti-rust chemical, and let it dry. Next, apply an oil-based paint with a brush or a roller. You might be able to use any color you wish, but you might thank your past self for choosing a neutral color like black, green, gold, or tan later on.

If you are looking to add privacy, you can easily pick up or order privacy slats designed for chain link fences. These come in varying colors and can be horizontal or vertical. One could also grow vines on the chain link, although one should be careful that they do not harm the fence.

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