How to Choose Deck Railing

How to Choose Deck Railing

Check out this step-by-step guide for choosing your perfect deck railing.

Building a new deck is an exciting home renovation project. You consider how it will add a unique outdoor living space to your home and be enjoyed for years to come. One part of deck construction that one must not forget is the deck railing. While one could go with the same material as the deck itself, one will quickly see that many options flood the market. Here’s how to get started in choosing the best deck railing.

Check Building Codes

First, it is critical to check your area’s building codes concerning decks and deck railings. Neighborhoods may have regulations to preserve safety. You will need to have a deck railing by law if your deck is at a certain height, perhaps at 30 inches or higher off the ground. Double-check the local building codes to ensure your deck is structurally sound and compliant.

Check Accessibility

Consider your present and future accessibility needs. Do you have a family member who may need assistance getting up to the deck? Custom-build and future-proof your deck with these factors in mind. A professional deck installer can help you design and build a structure to meet those needs.

Determine Budget

Next, it’s time to consider your budget. There is a wide range of deck railing products from which to choose, and it can be easy to go overboard. With your budget in mind, you can then peruse the many materials and styles available.

Research Materials

Your deck railings could be of one material or a mix, and some are more popular than others. Each has its pros and cons. Thus, take your time to research the plentiful options and determine your highest deck railing needs. If you are looking for maximum security, aluminum may be the choice for you. If you want something affordable and matching to your deck, wood may be the best. For added support, you could accompany your vinyl deck posts with aluminum rails.

Choose Style & Color

Lastly, you can then select the style and color of your choice. Take a look at your home’s architecture and the deck itself to determine what might work best. A cohesive look is best. Alternatively, you can go with how you want to use the space. Are you creating a private, calm oasis, or an open, family gathering spot? At United Fence & Deck in Maryland, you can receive the best advice to help you with your final build. 

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