How to Choose the Right Wood Fence for You

Wood Fence

There are many options out there in terms of fencing, so which wood fence is right for you?

When it comes to installing a wood fence, homeowners have more options than they may think they do. It’s not just about picket fences; you should ensure that the fence you choose will meet the security, privacy, and visual requirements for your property as well. Your investment should go a long way, so considering the following factors will help you choose the right wood fence for your family and property.

Why are you installing a new fence?

Before installing a new wood fence, you should consider the purpose that your new fence will serve. Is it primarily for privacy, added security, or just for the added curb appeal of your home? Making the right choice will ultimately increase the value of your property in addition to expanding how you use the outside of your home. Wood fences are timeless options that work well with many different landscape designs. They’re also incredibly durable and reliable.

What about maintenance?

How much maintenance do you want to do on your fence? You should consider options that align well with your lifestyle and budget. Wood fences require periodic maintenance because of the way the wood interacts with the weather and environment. Overtime, your wood fence will require post adjustments and painting or staining to maintain a high-quality look. On the other hand, wood fences are also one of the most repairable options you can choose.

What does your HOA allow?

Your fence options might be limited by the requirements and rules of your home owner’s association. Check with your HOA representatives before making a choice, to find out what options are acceptable in your neighborhood. They may have rules pertaining to type, height, color, and even style. Forgetting this step may result in paying fines in addition to removing your fence and installing one that adheres to the HOA requirements.

Choose the best contractor

Do your due diligence to research a reliable contractor that you can trust. Find a contract that uses high-quality products and delivers timely service with open communication and clear contracts. Ensure that they work will all the necessary permits and licenses before staring construction.

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