Commercial Decking for Restaurants

Commercial Decking for Restaurants

United Fence & Deck can build a restaurant deck for you on the Eastern Shore!

Restaurants have suffered an enormous blow in 2020 and continue to seek means of managing through the pandemic. However, if 2020 had taught restaurant owners anything, it would be that outdoor dining is highly beneficial for business. If you own a restaurant on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, United Fence & Deck is here for your commercial decking needs.

Benefits of Commercial Decking for Restaurants

Commercial decking has several benefits for restaurant owners across the Eastern Shore. One benefit is that you can host customers outdoors when indoor dining is not possible. In normal circumstances, one would not need to keep dining outside; however, in the early 2020s, this may be a necessary investment. 

Even so, outdoor dining is a naturally enjoyable experience. Fresh air and sunshine are always beneficial for health. A commercial deck can significantly increase dining capacity and enable more satisfied customers. If your restaurant sits on the water, you’ll likely want to take full advantage of the views. Setting up an outdoor dining option facing the water is the best way to do so. Plus, with many diners enjoying their meals in front of your establishment, passersby can take a glimpse at the delicious food you serve.

Types of Decks

Restaurants can implement different types of commercial decking. Wood and composite are just two common types. Wood will be the most affordable, and with good care, can last for several decades. However, it can be more susceptible to termites, mold and mildew, and other damage.

On the other hand, composite, which is a combination of recycled wood chips and resin, is far more durable and requires little maintenance. Composite decking can come in various colors and neutral shades, and can have the appearance of wood. All restaurant managers need to do is to use some water and detergent to wash it down once or twice a year.

Other decking options include vinyl and aluminum. Vinyl is similar to composite in durability, quality, maintenance needs, and price. Aluminum decking is the most expensive, but boasts of high durability and low maintenance.

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