What to Consider When Selecting the Material of Your New Deck

What to Consider When Selecting the Material of Your New Deck

A wood deck design includes an element of natural beauty, making it a top choice for many homeowners alike.

Because there are so many different materials to choose from as you design your dream deck, it can be challenging to decide when selecting the right one for your landscape design. From traditional wood to composite decks, there are many pros and cons of each material and how they will work for your home. As you deliberate between the options of composite and wood materials, there are many things to consider. Which material is the best option for you? Consider the advantages and challenges of each.

Pros and Cons of Choosing a Traditional Wood Deck

A wood deck design includes an element of natural beauty, making it a top choice for many homeowners alike. From its durability and natural aesthetic in design, families often choose wood as a favored deck material, not only for its classic look but also for its ability to last for their home over time. It is also known as a cost-efficient material and customizable material that is easy to work with to complete the look of your landscape design.

The challenges of a wood deck for your home often include the maintenance that it requires to keep looking great throughout the year. While wood is known to be a classic deck material, it does require constant care and upkeep between seasons. This maintenance is needed because wood can sometimes crack, split, and become discolored over time due to factors such as changing temperatures and harsh weather in winter months. A wood deck may also require treatments, such as staining, to maintain a healthy look and durability throughout the seasons and various types of weather during the year.

Pros and Cons of Using Composite Deck Materials

Designing a deck made from composite materials can have many benefits for your home. Unlike the vulnerabilities of a traditional wood deck, this material requires very little maintenance to continue looking great in your outdoor space. Composite decks are known to be low maintenance while also having a similar look to that of a wood deck. With a composite deck, you will not need to worry about it splintering or rotting as you would often need to with a wood deck because they are known to last over time without issue.

However, there are some concerns surrounding decks made with composite materials. Many people are skeptical of composite decks because their look is only similar, not the same, to a traditional wooden deck. There are also concerns regarding composite decks and mold growth on these types of decks, particularly for homes in shaded areas. Their slick surfaces also cause worry as a potential fall risk for families who plan to entertain outdoors.

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