Container Gardening Tips

Container Gardening Tips

Enjoy gardening? Start a deck garden with these tips.

When spring comes around, it’s time to get outside again and enjoy the fresh air. One of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of home is to garden. If one has a deck or patio, any beginner gardener has the perfect spot to grow their favorite flowers, herbs, fruits, or vegetables. To help get you started on the right foot, here are several essential container gardening tips.

Choosing Containers

Containers vary greatly today, as vertical gardening has taken off. Typically, one will use a plastic, ceramic, or clay pot with a small hole at the bottom to support aeration and drainage. Be aware that clay pots will dry out more quickly than plastic or ceramic pots, and therefore require more frequent watering of the soil. 

Choosing the Right Soil

Different types of plants like different kinds of soil. Maryland itself has three different types of soil throughout its land, from sandy to clay to rocky soil. While some plants like the rich potting material one finds at the home improvement store, others prefer sandy or poor soils. One should plan out which plants to get before choosing the appropriate kind.

Factoring In Light

Before choosing your garden plants, however, one should first go onto the patio or deck and observe its sun exposure. How many hours of full sun does it get per day? Are some spots always shady? How much sun your deck or patio gets will help inform you what kinds of plants to get. 

Planting to Display

Many people practice container gardening for fresh produce, but if you are doing it to beautify your outdoor living space, you can create a beautiful display by layering your container plants. Have one tall, center plant as the focal point, with one or two other species cascading around it, for a container garden beautiful to behold.


Plants in the ground need far less watering than your container garden does. Because the soil is much more limited, it could dry out much quicker. Watering your plants regularly, according to their preferences, will keep them alive and well. It’s best to set a reminder if you think you’ll forget!


While it’s true some plants prefer to go without rich nutrients in their soil, some, like vegetables and fruits, will very much appreciate any plant food you give it. A few drops of fertilizer liquid a day can go a long way.

Packing Up in Winter

When winter comes round again, be sure to protect your container plants from the frost and cold. Take what container plants you can indoors for the season, and toss dead annuals and produce into the compost pile.

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