The Cost of a Fence Installation: What’s Included?

The Cost of a Fence Installation: What’s Included?

What’s included in the cost of a fence installation? It’s much more than meets the eye.

Installing a new fence, whether for the whole property or just the backyard, is an investment you won’t regret. This asset is a sure way to raise your property value and provide the necessary boundaries between strangers and your family. However, it can be tricky to tell what a reasonable price might be. To help you understand what’s included, here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get for the cost of a fence installation.


First, you’ll have to account for the cost of the materials alone. Different types and styles of fencing will cost more or less. Wood is your cheapest fencing material, while aluminum, steel, and wrought iron have the highest prices. 


If you are getting a custom fence, you may also need to spend more than for a standard fence. Regardless, you will likely need to hire a land surveyor to mark out the property lines, along with a permit and estimate. A contractor may give you a free estimate.


Fence contractors use a wide array of tools in their industry to measure, cut, build, and install the perfect fence. Having these tools at the contractor’s disposal and the skills to use them are part of what you get in the cost of a fence installation.


Along with this, you’ll be getting the expertise of a professional fence installation team. Your fence installation team has the training and know-how you likely lack to perform the job swiftly and with ease.


The two main factors in the cost of a fence installation is materials and labor. The job will take dedicated time and effort to complete; in 2021, you can expect to pay between $50 and $70 if you already have the materials.

Work Ethic

Even so, other factors such as expertise and work ethic are also what you get for the project price. Your contractor and team’s work ethic also makes a huge difference in their commitment to creating a beautiful product without cutting corners. 

United Fence & Deck

As one can see, the cost of a fence installation includes not only materials, labor, permitting, and tools, but also the excellence and expertise that make all of these other factors the most meaningful. United Fence & Deck is here for your fencing needs on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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