Criteria for Dog Fences

Criteria for Dog Fences

Need a dog fence? Here is what you need to consider before you install.

If you have a pet dog or two that tend to wander or are planning on getting a new dog, you will want to have a fence installed to keep your dog safe. While pets may once have had the freedom to roam around the neighborhoods, society today makes sure your canine can live a longer, healthier life without the risks that come with running abroad. Read all about dog fences here to make the most informed decision.

Basic Guidelines for Dog Fences

The purpose of dog fences is to keep the pet contained and safe from intruders like trespassers and other animals. The last thing you want is for your dog to get in trouble. Therefore, a fence is in order. It should be high enough to keep the dog from jumping over it and deep enough in the ground that no pet can dig under it. 

Best Options for Dog Fences

A typical backyard fence works well enough to keep your pet in bounds. The most popular types of fencing materials include wood, vinyl, and aluminum, although chain-link is also common and advantageous. Each fencing material can accommodate any style of fence you’d like, from split rail to privacy to picket. With a split rail fence, you will want to include a wire mesh over it to keep pets and animals from scrambling through the gaps. Also, consider whether you want to block the view into your yard or if spaces in between are allowed.

Cons of Invisible and Wireless Fences

Two other types of fences designed with pets in mind are invisible and wireless fences. Invisible fences are wire fencing underground. Connected wirelessly with your pet’s collar, it will make the collar beep and send a mild electric shock to your dog. Wireless fences emit similar signals to your dog if it gets near the boundary also. Some dogs may learn to ignore the signals if something catches their attention or develop negative behaviors like increased aggression. These methods also fail to protect your yard from intruders and potentially harmful animals.

If Your Dog Is a Jumper or Climber

If your dog is a jumper or climber and can beat a 6-foot fence, there are other ways to deter his escape. Plant hedges along the fence to slow your furry friend’s progress. Keep items that can act as stepping stools away from the border. Another helpful tip is to play more with your dog and supervise him at all times when outside. Engaging in this way will lessen the likelihood of his wandering.

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