Deck Patterns That Cut the Costs

Deck Patterns That Cut the Costs

Deck patterns can be creative and still save on the total cost. Check out these neat ideas!

When installing a new deck, one often considers the material and the structure to be most important. While these components are essential, deck floors also make a difference. A deck can transform from a boring platform of long, wide planks to a work of art based on its pattern. Creating a beautiful deck pattern can actually help you save on your total deck installation cost. Below are several deck patterns that cut the costs.

Transition Board

Transition board keeps it simple. This deck pattern keeps the long deck plank layout but inserts two planks perpendicularly down the middle. This is a great and simple way to add interest to the deck and possibly divide the space into at least two different living areas. There can be more than one perpendicular break throughout the deck.

Picture Frame

The picture frame pattern includes the plank set down the middle, but adds at least a two-row border around the panel as well. The best way to make the picture frame or transition board deck patterns more stunning is to use a different type of wood or a different stain from the rest of the deck.


The diamond pattern splits the deck floor into four parts per panel, from which the planks radiate diagonally, forming a diamond shape. Each diamond-patterned panel creates a central floor space for gathering.


One can also go for a more complex yet traditional design. Herringbone consists of short, rectangular boards slanted toward each other, converging in an alternating format. The rows of slanted boards are called “chevron,” but the joining together of these boards make them a herringbone pattern. The result is a perfectly fitting, zig-zagging pattern that is seen in many traditional architectural scenarios.

Chevron-Transition Board

Chevron, similar to herringbone, also uses short planks that join diagonally. However, a transition board separates each slanted row. One can add more interest by staining the transition board a darker color than the chevron. Adding a picture frame around this design, too, is not uncommon.


Lastly, patchwork, also known as block, basketweave, or parquet, is a checker-like pattern. It creates a warm, weaved look, with each block consisting of thin rows of wood planks. The alternating, staggered blocks have planks running perpendicular. 

Need More Ideas?

Remember, these are just a few of the deck patterns that exist. A deck pattern can be as simple or complex as one wishes, with countless options. If you need extra ideas, see what United Fence & Deck has to offer!

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