Elements of Hardscape Design

Elements of Hardscape Design

Thinking about creating a beautiful hardscape? Consider these design elements.

If you are considering redoing or installing hardscaping in your yard, you probably know that it is a task which requires much research and preparation. Besides what features you might want, or the foundations you want to construct, one must consider other aspects too for the overall design. As you think about what you are looking for in your ideal backyard hardscape, consider the following elements of design.

The Big Picture

Consider your landscape to be the canvas on which you are designing. Even if you only intend to work on one part of the yard, it is important to know how your design choice will affect the rest of the landscape. It is also significant how your hardscape will adhere to the specific area of land you are working on. 


Likewise, the materials you choose will affect the unity of the space. The material should match or complement the material of your home and other outdoor features, like your patio or walkway. To keep the look cohesive, choose one or two types of hardscaping to work with, like brick and stamped concrete. If you have an existing wood deck or other wooden outdoor feature, you will want to stick with just one type of stone hardscape material.


Another element to think about is the flow of your space. While a straight walkway may be permissible, it may not be fitting to the landscape. The setting may call for some curves in the hardscape. Also, where do you want the traffic to flow? Moving from one spot to another spot should be an easy transition. Visually, your eye should naturally move in that same direction.

Balance and Focus

Among the items that you place in the back or front yard, one side should feel equal to the other. For example, if you have bulkier objects like a boulder or a gazebo, the other side of the yard should have something to balance it out, like a tall tree. A good design will also lead the eye to a focal point from which everything else in the design complements.

Drainage and Stability

Although planning a hardscape design may take a lot of artistry, it also requires much technicality as well. Consider proper drainage and the stability of the land as well, and contact the appropriate professionals for advice. United Fence and Deck can help you with any questions, as well as take the hard work of installation off your hands.

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