How these Fall Maintenance Tips Can Save Your Fence this Season

How these Fall Maintenance Tips Can Save Your Fence this Season

Fall is a great time for fence maintenance before the harsh weather of winter can make any small problems worse.

Your wooden fence is an important part of your yard and landscaping. It keeps your family and property safe and provides a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor living. But fences need maintenance for them to have long lives, and the fall is a great time to make sure that it happens before the harsh weather of winter can make any small problems worse.


Once a year it is important to inspect your wood fence for signs of distress, and the fall is the perfect time to do that. If you wait for after the winter, a small problem could develop into a huge one, and you’ll regret not having taken care of it before the storms and ice came. Start by removing anything that is leaning against or hanging on your fence, like lawn furniture, tiki torches, or bird feeders. Then look for missing boards and holes caused by knots in the wood that have fallen out. Look for any unstable or wobbly posts or panels, as well as any damage caused by insects, animals, or rot. Remember to check behind bushes and other areas that are hidden from view.


Once you complete your inspection, you’ll know what areas need to be repaired, but this is also a great time to do preventative maintenance. Rake the leaves away from the fence so that they don’t trap moisture against the wood, as this could lead to mold, mildew, and rot. Remember that this goes for both sides of your fence – if the other side is on your neighbor’s property, remind them of the harm trapped moisture can do. Trim branches that hang over and scrap against the fence or bushes that crowd it. Fill any holes that you found during your inspection with putty or replace the planks or panels.


Finally, seal and waterproof your fence against further damage, especially from snow and ice this winter. If you’re not sure if your fence needs a reapplication of waterproofing, do the splash test. Splash water on the fence; if the water beads up, your fence is waterproofed, but if it soaks into the wood and darkens the color of the stain, it is time to waterproof again. Remember, if you have a problem with your fence that is too big for you to handle, or maybe it is just time for a new fence altogether, we are ready to help you.

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