Four Effects of Winter Weather to Prevent from Damaging Your Wood Fence

Four Effects of Winter Weather to Prevent from Damaging Your Wood Fence

Protect your wood fence this winter!

Winter is harsh on all aspects of your home and landscape, but it can be particularly hard on wood fencing. Unlike the summer months, where sunlight is the only real threat to fences, winter brings a myriad of threats. To ensure that your wood fencing stays safe and beautiful year after year you need to know what the top threats are and what to do about them.

Temperature Changes

Unlike other materials, wood fencing is prone to shrinking and expanding depending on the weather and temperature. Most wood in fences has knots in the wood, as the planks expand and shrink these knots may do so at a different rate. Over time this can cause the knots to be knocked loose resulting in holes that are prone to rot and pest infestation.


Most are aware of the dangers that moisture can present to wood. In winter this threat is increased because often the water sticks around in the form of layers of ice and deep snow that covers posts. This moisture makes it possible for mold and mildew growth which can lead to softening of the wood and rot.

Soil Shifts

When soil becomes oversaturated with water from snowmelt and then goes through rapid freeze and thaw periods it can lead to the formation of sinkholes and landslides. On a smaller scale, this soil damage can cause the bases of the post to shift and become compromised.


Along with the danger that snow and ice cause, they also can create situations where debris falls or hits your fencing. If the fence is obscured and hit by a plow or vehicle for instance, or if an ice-weighted tree branch is to fall, both are exclusive winter threats that can result in severe damage.

How To Prevent Damage

To ensure that your fence lasts the winter it’s best to start by stepping up your maintenance game in fall. Make sure that your fence is fully sealed or coated to prevent moisture issues. You will also want to check for signs of stress, moving posts, and rot early and keep up with them through the season. When possible, make sure that snow doesn’t pile up along your fence line and that edges close to driveways and roads are clearly marked.

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