Why Have a Front Yard Fence

Why Have a Front Yard Fence

Having a fence in the front yard can provide multiple advantages at once.

When we think of fencing for our properties, we usually think of how we can secure the backside of the house. However, there is also the front to consider. Depending on your area’s fencing laws, you may be able to invest in fencing for your front yard. In the right setting, a front yard fence could add to the home in a way you couldn’t imagine before. Below are the best reasons to fence in your front yard.


If you live along a busy road, you may want to add a fence between your lot and the public’s. Whether for the back or the front, the right fence design can add privacy to make you and your family feel more at ease. Once again, you will want to check with your city’s local laws concerning fencing before you erect your privacy fence.


Another reason is security. The backyard needs fencing to create a contained space for your family, pets, and friends to gather. Your front yard may also need this type of security. While it may not be the ultimate defense against intruders, it can be an adequate barrier to keep unwanted visitors out. In some areas, it is the only way to keep strangers and animals from loitering up to your front window or having a picnic on your porch. 


Even if crime is not your main concern, a front yard fence can add to the appearance of your property in a grand way. Even a low fence, perhaps three feet in height, can beautify your property’s curb appeal. Vinyl, picket, and aluminum fences are all available in various designs for the choosing. 

When choosing the best fence design and color, you should take a look at the properties around you. Do they have fences in their front yards? What kind? Also, what is the style and coloration of your house? Pick a fence design and color that will complement your house and your neighbors’. 


Lastly, a good fence can reduce the noise that gets to your home. Again, if you live near a busy road, a fence in the front yard can create the quiet space you need. A fence will not totally block out noise, but you can expect the yard to become significantly quieter, besides adding the privacy, security, and aesthetics a good fence would give. 

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