Horse Fence Design in the Eastern Shore

Horse Fence Design in the Eastern Shore

A horse fence is designed to keep horses inside and keep them safe.

A lot goes into horse fence design. Horse fences create different areas like paddocks, riding arenas, and pastures. They also separate horses by maturity, gender, value, or use. The best horse fence will act like all other fences, keeping inhabitants contained and keeping intruders out. However, with one for horses, a person needs to consider special requirements for the design of the space.  

Eliminate Tight Corners

A general rule in horse fence design is to eliminate any tight corners or spaces where more aggressive horses can bully weaker ones. One can fence off acute interior angles, design a fence with angles as sharp as 90 degrees, or have rounded corners. 

Gates and Water Troughs

One should also avoid putting gates and water troughs in corner areas, as horses tend to congregate around both objects, and oftentimes, only one horse goes in and out of a fenced area at a time. If a group passes through the gate, then it should be at a corner area. Gates should be as high as the fence. Although gates with diagonal beams are stronger, they are not suitable for horse fences because horses can get their legs or head stuck in the small spaces. Most of the time, a gate should go along a straight stretch of fencing. Should you need a gate for passing vehicles and machinery through the space, it is best to place it at a point with clear visibility from the road.

Clear Pastures

While the horses remain in the area, keep sharp objects like tools and machinery out lest they become a source of injury to your horses. Also, if there are trees, shrubs, or water in the enclosure, you will want to fence these off too. Horses may scrape the bark off of trees, get tangled in bushes, and risk injury in swamps or bodies of water. Ideally, the land should have good soil and a healthy lawn. 

A Sturdy Fence

Besides the layout and the ground, a good horse fence design includes, of course, a sturdy fence! Fence posts will be the foundation of your border, usually made from wood. Horse fences can vary in strength to meet the needs of the particular horse population and come in different styles. For more in-depth expertise, contact United Fence & Deck for your horse fence needs on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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