How to Cool Your Deck Down in Summer

How to Cool Your Deck Down in Summer

Keep your sunny deck cool this summer with any of these effective tips!

There are at least two main times of year where it is hardest to enjoy the backyard deck: the height of summer and the dead of winter. In summer, one can expect plenty of days with high humidity and heat, making for an altogether uncomfortable experience. Even so, there are ways to cool the deck down in summer to make it enjoyable even on the hottest days.

A Wet Deck or Wet Feet

Whether your deck is a casual platform or a showroom retreat, it only takes one simple ingredient to cool your deck down in summer. Water is the answer. On the hottest days, you can splash a bucket of cool water over the deck’s surface and let the evaporation cool it down. Alternatively, you could soak your feet in a bucket of ice water and be automatically cool when you walk on the sunny deck.

A Rug

Another option is to have an outdoor rug that will help cool the surface. A textured rug will help with airflow over the surface, and a light color will help reflect light. Patterns mixing light and dark colors can work, too.

Decking Material & Paint

If you are planning a deck makeover or a new deck installation, consider the material and color you will be using. The less dense the material is and the lighter the color, the cooler it will be. Cedar and vinyl are arguably the less dense options, while pressure-treated pine and composite are denser. Even so, the color and quality of these latter materials can help offset their heat.

A Shade Structure

Meanwhile, to cool down the air on the deck, one of the best and simplest ways is to add shade. Shade structures are many and various, including your average outdoor umbrella, awnings, wind sails, pergolas, and gazebos. 

Electric Fans

Keeping the air moving is another effective trick. If you have a gazebo or another overhead structure, you can install a ceiling fan to create the best airflow. If not, a standing electric fan set several feet away from you with its back to a shade spot works well.

Deck Furniture

For bonus points, choose deck furniture that is not metal or plastic, as these materials will be hot to the touch. Instead, use wood or wicker furniture. Wicker furniture is lightweight and includes ventilation. If your seating has cushions, you can lay a cold, wet beach towel over it for a half hour before going outside.


What’s another way to both create shade and allow airflow? Shade trees and deck plants! You can hang plant baskets from your pergola or grow a tropical palm from a pot; with the shade and moisture evaporation the plants provide, your deck will be instantly cooler and look even more inviting.

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