How to Keep Your Sunroom Cool in the Summer

How to Keep Your Sunroom Cool in the Summer

A common problem for sunrooms is that they can get hot in the summer months. There are ways to fix this.

A sunroom is a pleasant place; somewhere to enjoy the day with the glow of the outdoors coming in. Its all-around windows give the feeling that the outdoors are not so distant. In the summer, enjoying time in a sunroom allows one to take advantage of the summer weather and light without the bother of insects, wind, weather, and unwanted critters. Yet, with summer weather comes not only the long hours of light but also the sometimes unbearable heat. If you have this problem, fear not. There are several ways to keep your sunroom cool in the summertime. 

Increase Air Flow

Air flow is vital to keeping a sunroom, or any room, in a breathable condition. Sunrooms often have a ceiling fan installed with it. Some recommend an oscillating ceiling fan for maximum effect. One can also put in a fan close to the ground to stir the air from the bottom up. A more heavy-duty option is to install an air conditioning unit, though one could try out a portable unit as well.

Insulate the Walls, Windows, and Floor

Insulation of the sunroom covers all the bases . . . and the walls, windows, and even the ceiling. A proper sunroom construction will take insulation into consideration. However, one must think about what kind of windows to add during this phase, since some are more insulating than others. Insulation in the floor and ceiling can greatly reduce heat seeping in and cool air seeping out. If a sunroom has leaks along any edges, they should be sealed up. There are ways to install more insulation yourself. United Fence & Deck may also be of service!

Add Some Shades

A third method is to create some shade. Blocking out some measure of the light will help reduce the heat. This can be done through tinting the windows. Another, more flexible option is to install blinds, shades, or curtains. Some blinds are fitted in between the glass panes, and some shades can be controlled by a remote device. The options in this arena are diverse with ample room for personalization. See what times of day the sunroom gets too hot from the sun, and adjust accordingly.

At United Fence & Deck, we can help you with your sunroom construction, as well as answer any questions about your deck, fence, hardscape, and landscape. 

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