Keeping Pollen out of a Screened Porch

Keeping Pollen out of a Screened Porch

The battle with pollen is over. Here are three ways to keep pollen out of your screened porch.

Spring is coming slowly but surely, and soon enough, it will be time to enjoy the outdoors once again on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Spring isn’t all flowers and bird songs, however. Pollen is the great foe during springtime, coating outdoor surfaces in yellow and making many a person rift with allergies. If you have a screened porch, you likely understand the battle with pollen. To enjoy outdoor living better this year, here are several ways to keep pollen out of a screened porch.

Clean the Screened Porch

First things first: before putting up barriers to keep pollen out, one must clean the porch out thoroughly. 

Vacuum the rug if you have one, and remove it from the porch. Next, dust the ceiling fan and windows. 

Then, remove all of the patio furniture so the room is empty, and hose the screeched porch from the top down with a power washer. If some pollen or dirt still remains, scrub it with a soapy wire brush and hose down again. 

Wipe the surfaces down with an old rag.

Additionally, you’ll want to hose the furniture down, wipe your electrical equipment with an all-purpose cleaner, and throw your cushion covers in the wash. 

Remember to hose and beat the rug as well, letting it dry out in the sun.

Install Curtains

Once your screened porch is put back together again, it’s time to decide how to pollen-proof the room. One way is to install curtains that wrap around the room. The curtains can be heavy and long enough to effectively bar pollen and debris from flying into the porch. One can easily make this a DIY project. As a result, you’ll have a pollen guard during the pollen season and flexible privacy.

Install Clear Screens

If privacy is not your concern but sunshine is your priority, then installing clear screens should work best for you. Clear plastic or vinyl tarps are a great and affordable way to bar out pollen and debris. They can easily attach to the window frames via velcro strips or staples. For a fancier version, you can install clear blinds instead. With clear screens or blinds, you can continue to enjoy the sunshine, but still have the option of letting in the breeze.

Upgrade to a Sunroom

Screened porches are the home additions most akin to the outdoors. If you would prefer a greater comfort level with HVAC and little to no risk of pollen ever getting in, upgrading to a sunroom is your ultimate option. A sunroom is just as sunny as a screened porch, but you’ll have heating, cooling, and ultimate protection from the elements. If you’re thinking of adding a sunroom to your home on the Eastern Shore, contact United Fence & Deck!

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