How to Maintain Your Aluminum Fence

How to Maintain Your Aluminum Fence

Maintaining an aluminum fence is simple but necessary for keeping it pristine.

Aluminum is a beautiful fencing material, having the look of wrought iron, but much lighter, less expensive, and rust-free. Your aluminum fence adds value to your property, both monetarily and aesthetically. Despite its strength and beauty, one must not forget that it too needs proper maintenance. To keep it in its best condition, we shall look at three ways on how to maintain your aluminum fence.

Clean It Properly

Any outdoor feature will get its share of dirt and debris from time to time. It is easy to clean an aluminum fence; a simple hose-down will typically do the job. For tougher cleans, you can scrub the fence over with clean water and dish soap, and then hose it down. It is crucial that no dish soap dries up on the fence and none pools at the bottom of the fence. If it takes some more effort to get off stubborn grime, rinse and repeat. 

Check for Repairs

Aluminum fences can need some minor repairs. Most likely you will not have to worry about paint wearing away, but if your fence needs some, you can easily buy the proper paint at your local depot and touch it up. Make sure the fence is still level and is not tilting. If so, you may need a professional to help you re-level the ground. Tighten any loose screws in the fence’s gate and oil its hinges. A safe way to maintain your aluminum fence would be to check for the above issues once a year in the fall.

Treat It Well

If your aluminum fence is high-quality, then it will not be so susceptible to bends and dents. However, aluminum is not indestructible. Safe and sensible practices are necessary to prevent extra maintenance repairs. For example, do not let the gate swing open in the breeze. Do not let children climb on an open gate or play on the fence. Do not stack or mount objects or materials near your fence. Keep your fence secured with a latch or lock. As mentioned before, check on it annually and make any necessary repairs.

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