How to Maintain a Wood Fence in Summer

How to Maintain a Wood Fence in Summer

Keep your wood fence in tip-top shape this summer with the following advice!

Maryland summer is in full swing, and with it comes its classic heat, humidity, and thunderstorms. Many homes throughout the state have beautiful wood fencing, a practical and affordable solution for any property’s security needs. It is in summer, however, that the elements can damage wood fencing the most. To get the most out of your wood fence, check out the following maintenance tips.

Seal Every Three Years

The best way to keep humidity and insects from damaging your wood fence is to seal it every three years, or however often your area might require. Stains often contain sealant in them so that you can give your fence a desired color or sheen and protection at the same time. Depending on the condition of your fence, you may need to sand it before applying the stain. To best guard the wood from the sun, apply a solid stain.

Check the Structure

Another fundamental way to care for the fence is to check its structural integrity concerning the gate hinges, screws or nails, and the fence posts. Over time, hinges and boards can become loose, which one can fix with a screwdriver or hammer. Should you find your fence leaning or wobbling, you can perform a DIY fix or call your local fence & deck professional.

Keep Weeds Off

In the meantime, regular upkeep may be necessary, especially if you live in an area with more trees. Keep debris and weeds away from the fence, as they can cause the wood to erode more quickly. Rake up leaves from the base and pull off vines from its face. Also, keep rogue tree branches from brushing against the wood fence.


Mildew and mold can develop on wood fencing in humid, hot regions as Maryland has. The telltale sign of mildew is a greenish hue in the wood. The most environmentally-friendly way to remove it is with water and a scrub brush or a pressure washer. Otherwise, natural products like vinegar with water or organic commercial detergents can work as well.

Protect from the Sprinkler

Another way to preserve your wood fence best is to keep the sprinkler from spraying onto it. In small yards, avoiding this can be challenging, but most sprinkler systems have an adjustable range to avoid hitting that area. You can even install a drip irrigation system that will water your lawn without the spray.

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