Maintaining a Horse Fence

Maintaining a Horse Fence

Maintaining a horse fence requires simple, routine care and a few tactics.

Maryland is a state full of the best of all worlds: the cities, the suburbs, and the rural landscapes. It is also a state with plenty of horse owners, and thus, horses and their pastures. Having a fence around the horse farm is crucial for keeping the animals happy and safe. Maintaining a horse fence is just as important. Below are some tips on what you might look out for.

Horse Fence Criteria

To build a horse fence on your property, you must follow your local area and state’s guidelines. United Fence & Deck, a fence and deck company located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, can help you design and install a horse fence that meets the codes. 

The most common horse fence material is wood, although some wood species are more durable than others. Cedar and oak are two species that are hardier against the elements and horses’ chewing. In addition to a wooden frame, some horse owners will include a wire mesh over one side of it to prevent smaller animals from accessing or leaving the pasture as easily.

Painting the Fence

One significant question horse owners face is whether to paint, stain, or leave the fence alone. Stain tends to last longer on wood fences, but paint can help deter horses from chewing on the fence and help preserve the wood from the elements. A solid coat of paint or two protects the wood from the rain, the insects, and the sun’s harmful rays. The most popular horse fence color is black; it is best to paint the fence once every two years in the summer or early fall.

Maintaining the Fence

Maintaining a fence involves routinely checking the structure for loose rails, wobbly posts, loose screws or nails, chipping paint, etc. Any issue such as this could be a problem for the horses! One should catch small issues like these before they get worse and continue maintenance such as cleaning and painting for a long-lasting border. Just like with many other things, maintaining a horse fence means regular upkeep. As you well know, your horses will thank you! 

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