Matching a Fence to Your House

Matching a Fence to Your House

Need help choosing the right fence? Follow these tips!

If you are looking to install a brand new fence, you are making a wise decision. Residential fences provide valuable advantages to a property, such as security and privacy. Because of these benefits, having a fence raises the property’s value. On the other hand, even with a beautiful, durable fence, you could end up with the disaster of it clashing with your home and garden. To select the best design, here are several tips on matching a fence to your house.


Regardless of your fence’s appearance, it ultimately does need to serve its purpose. Different kinds of fences serve different needs. Do you want to make your backyard pet and child-friendly? Do you live by a busy road or close to neighbors, and need more privacy? Are you worried about intruders, and need higher security? The right fence must first fit all your criteria.


To fulfill your fence goals, consider what materials might work best. The most popular on the market are wood, vinyl, composite, aluminum, steel, and chain-link. Some, such as the metal versions, provide the most durability and lowest maintenance, but cost more. Meanwhile, wood and vinyl are capable of giving your yard privacy and style flexibility.


Different fencing materials will also add texture to your landscape. Look to your home’s architecture for inspiration; if your home has a sleek, modern appearance, you may go with a smoother option like vinyl or aluminum. If it is more traditional, wood or aluminum may work better.


Have you settled on your fence material and style yet? It’s now time to go more into detail. Along with the purpose of your fence come many styles, including security, privacy, picket, split-rail, and paddock fencing, but even within each category come many variations. For example, picket fences can have arched, scalloped, or straight tops between each post, and the pickets themselves can come in different designs. The complexity or simplicity of your ideal fence will depend on your home’s style.


Lastly, it’s time to choose the color. Many homeowners opt for classic wood fencing, which is affordable and long-lasting with proper maintenance. One can go with a natural stain for a natural, even rustic look. On the other hand, if you do decide to color the fence, a neutral color like white or gray can complement colorful architecture and flowers, while a vibrant fence can add interest. For more advice on matching a fence to your house, contact United Fence and Deck on Maryland’s Eastern Shore!

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