What Material is Best for Your Commercial Fence?


Are you a business owner and are looking to buy a fence for your place of business? In this post, we will go over a few fence materials and discuss their pros and cons.

If you own your own business having a fence is not only for aesthetics but protection as well. Depending on what your business is, you’ll need a fence made out of a particular material. Whether it’s to make the outside of your business more aesthetically pleasing or if you need something sturdy to detract people from trying to break into your store. In this post, we will give an overview of what fencing material is best for your commercial fence for your business.     

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link is probably the most recognizable type of fencing material. Although primarily used in suburban areas like schools and homes, businesses are starting to use this style of fencing for their establishment. Thankfully, this is one of the most inexpensive materials and doesn’t rely on the aesthetic appeasement of other fencing materials. One deterrent of installing this style of fence is that it doesn’t provide much privacy but if your worried about people hopping your fence putting barbed wire at the top can help with the situation.

Aluminum Fencing

Like a chain link fence, aluminum doesn’t provide the most privacy, but this material is stronger and more sturdy than chain link. Also, this material can be perfect for a business that is more upscale and needs a fence not only for aesthetics but a tall fence that will deter potential robbers from coming to your establishment. Another positive for aluminum fencing is that it’s a durable material and doesn’t have the possibility of rotting or eroding like some other materials.

Vinyl Fencing

Although it looks like wood vinyl fencing is a manufactured material but is one of the most durable materials. Not only can it give you the privacy you’re looking for, but it can make your business feel like home. The vinyl panels aren’t as durable as wood panels and overtime during harsh weather conditions the material can become fragile. If you are looking for an eco-friendly mater vinyl won’t be for you because vinyl is partially made from plastic.  

Wood Fencing

Finally, the most known and used fence material is wood. Not only is it the most used material, but there are many different styles of wood fences. Depending on your business, the perfect style for it is the stockade fence. This design is known for its tight boards put together and is commonly built six feet high, giving your business the sense of security you need.

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