Paint or Stain: Coloring the Wood Fence

Paint or Stain: Coloring the Wood Fence

What’s the best way to color and seal your fence? Here’s the difference between painting and staining.

Wood fencing remains perhaps the most popular choice in Maryland, with its low cost and natural beauty. Fences provide your home with the protection and privacy you need, depending on the style. Wood fences can come in infinite styles suited just for your home. However, the personalization doesn’t stop there. You can also color your fence with either paint or stain.

Painting a Wood Fence

Whether you paint or stain your wood fence depends on your preference ultimately, but fencing companies know that paint tends to chip over time, sometimes within a year. You will likely repaint your fence more often. Even so, wood fence paints come in a wide variety of colors, one of which may suit your house style best. Paints these days contain sealant to waterproof your wooden border, but if the wood still absorbs water after the paint job, you may want to apply sealant on top.

To paint a wood fence, hose it down with a pressure washer (but not too hard,) protect the surrounding architecture you don’t want painted, and apply paint with a paint sprayer. Reapply every 2-3 years.

Staining a Wood Fence

Staining is highly recommended for wooden fences. The stain often contains sealant so you will waterproof and color your fence at the same time. The wood will absorb the stain and keep its pigment for longer than paint. Once it fades, you can reapply the stain. Once again, there are many different colors one can peruse. With stains, however, you also get the option of semi-transparent or clear ones so you can still see the color and grain of the wood. Homeowners can choose between oil-based and latex stains, which both leave the fence with a different look. Due to application, time to dry, and frequency of application, latex stains may be more promising, but will cover up the wood grain more.

To stain a wooden fence, prepare the structure in the same way you would for painting it. Don’t forget to repair or replace any damaged wood and to choose a temperate day for the job. A roller, paintbrush, or paint sprayer works as applicators.

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