Pool Fence Materials in Maryland

Pool Fence Materials in Maryland

Pool fence materials range widely. What type might suit your pool best?

Summer is calling, and that means opening up your swimming pool once again! Every pool in Maryland has strict laws regarding a pool fence, which is a necessity to prevent drowning accidents every year. Whether your swimming pool is residential or commercial, you can glean from any of these pool fence materials to find the ideal solution for you.

Aluminum Pool Fence

The best pool fence materials provide unmatched durability. When it comes to strength, none beats aluminum. An aluminum pool fence is standard for many homes, especially if it encloses only the pool and not the entire backyard. Aluminum often comes in black, but could also be green, gold, white, or tan. It is lighter than wrought-iron but remains rust-free. It’s only downsides are a higher price tag and a lack of privacy.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is another great option that can easily meet Maryland’s pool fence requirements. Vinyl is sturdy, sleek, and easy to maintain. Among pool fence materials, it is a middle-of-the-road option in terms of cost, durability, and maintenance. Unlike aluminum, it can come in countless styles, including privacy, and can also come in various appealing colors. Like all pool fence materials, vinyl is a great choice for either commercial or residential pools.

Composite Fence

Similar to the vinyl fence is the composite fence. Composite fencing combines plastic with recycled wood fibers for a woody but durable structure. Composite boasts around the same strengths that vinyl does and can come in many shades. It can also have the appearance of real wood without the maintenance needs.

Wood Fence

A wood fence can neatly enclose either a residential or commercial swimming pool. A wood fence might be ideal for neighborhood pool communities or those surrounded by other properties with wood fencing. This material is not the strongest and requires more attention, but it provides a natural look and secure, adequate border.

Chain-Link Fence

Lastly, chain-link fencing is both affordable and strong. Chain-link fencing is perhaps not the most beautiful, but it serves its purpose well. The visibility it provides can be a plus in either a commercial or residential setting, although one can insert chain-link fence slats to add privacy in a colorful way.

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