The Most Popular Deck Materials

The Most Popular Deck Materials

Looking for the perfect decking material? Check out these four options.

On a breezy, beautiful day, all you want to do is spend it outside. But what if your deck is old or deteriorated? Chances are, you’re looking for a deck makeover. The first decision you will likely be making is which material to use. Thankfully, United Fence & Deck can supply you with a beautiful deck with one of these most popular deck materials.


Different wood species have been the traditional decking material for as long as decks have existed. Wood is the only natural material on the market for decks, and the naturalness of a wood deck gives it a charm that some homeowners wouldn’t change out for anything. Popular wood species for decks include pressure-treated pine, cedar, and tropical woods like teak or tigerwood. Keep in mind that wood will require a little more maintenance than composite or vinyl because it is a natural material. It requires routine staining, replacing old planks or rails, and regular cleaning. Even so, with a little effort, a wood deck can last for a long time.


Composite decking is a sturdy, low-maintenance option that is also highly popular. It won’t have the exact look and feel of wood, yet it has a long-living beauty of its own, available in a multitude of colors, shades, and patterns. Composite decking is made of wood fiber, plastic, and binder; it is eco-friendly and won’t take the annual maintenance that wood takes.


Meanwhile, vinyl is a specific form of PVC plastic that has advanced over the decades to be the durable, long-living deck material it is today. Vinyl, like composite, does require minimal maintenance, such as routine sweeping and cleaning and the occasional inspection. Vinyl is flexible and can conform to any design you wish. It also comes in various colors, such as white, black, and different shades of brown.


What if you love the idea of a wood deck, but you are torn between wood and composite or vinyl? You can choose more than one of the most popular deck materials available! Some wood decks have vinyl, composite, or even aluminum deck railing, creating a beautiful, multi-material deck. 

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