Popular Wood Fence Styles

Popular Wood Fence Styles

Looking for a new wood fence? Check out a few of the most popular styles to choose from.

Wood fencing never goes out of style. Someone will always love the natural look, feel, and smell of wood. It is an inexpensive and effective fencing material and is flexible enough to adhere to countless fence styles. To enlighten yourself on the most popular wood fence styles out there, check out these fantastic options.

Components of a Fence

The styling of a fence has to do with the variations of its components and their configurations. The basic parts of a fence include the posts, the rails, and the panels. The posts are the vertical beams that go into the ground, holding the whole fence in place. The rails are the horizontal panels or beams that connect the posts and act as a security point for the panels, which fill in the gaps.


When someone thinks of a fence, the first style that might come to mind is the American classic, the picket fence. This style has characteristic vertical panels with spaces in between each one. The detailing of the pickets and the top outline vary. For example, each picket may classify as dog-ear, shapely Victorian, classic, Georgian point, and much more. The fence’s top may be straight, arched, scalloped, or irregular, just to name a few choices.


Another popular style is the privacy fence. As the name implies, it is a fence design that shuts out visibility to the other side. Privacy fencing refers to either vertical board or board-on-board, in which each panel slightly overlaps the other in an alternating pattern. The detailing of the tops of each panel can vary.


Split-rail fences are the most common for decorative or rural applications. They consist of just the fence posts and two or three rows of railing. They may not offer much in the way of privacy, but they do make the border clear and can have wire mesh attached to prevent pets from escaping.


Also known as post-and-rail, estate fences are the heavy-duty version of the split-rail fence. They are durable fences that offer more privacy and add a touch of class. 


Some fence designs are a little more out-of-the-box, and the lattice fence is no exception. Even so, it is possible to have a fence with latticework instead of rails, which can work as a type of privacy fence. For more ideas on wood fence styles, contact United Fence and Deck on the Eastern Shore!

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