Preparing Your Deck for Winter

Preparing Your Deck for Winter

United Fence & Deck can help you keep your deck in shape this winter.

The backyard deck is an outdoor living space of which few take full advantage. However, your deck can be a fabulous place for entertaining family and friends, relaxing, and even gardening. The fall season is one of the best times to take care of any end-of-year maintenance for this structure since the weather is cooler and drier than in summer. If you are at a loss as to what to do to prepare your deck for winter, here’s a handy list.

Clean Off Debris

Be sure to sweep autumn leaves and dirt off of the deck before they stick to the surface. Dead leaves and pine needles can leave deep-set stains and require extra work to remove. A clean deck will help the structure last longer.

Clean Off Mold

Mold is another type of grime that should never grow on your deck. You can use various solutions to get rid of it, including natural ones like white vinegar, baking soda, and Borax. Get mold and mildew off your deck before they get the deck.

Check for Structural Damage

Decks can suffer structural damage in numerous ways over time, especially wooden ones. To prepare your deck for winter use, check the structural posts, the joists, the railing, the boards, and the ledger board, if any, for rot. You’ll need to address these issues immediately or stay off the deck to avoid an accident. Otherwise, replace any warping or cracking boards.

Seal Routinely

Once every few years, you’ll need to seal your wood deck. You can choose from a clear to a solid stain; the more solid it is, the more protected from the sun’s UV rays it will be. The sealant will also keep it from water and insect damage and help prevent stains.

Plan How You’ll Use the Deck

Will you be using your backyard deck this fall and winter? Some will still be cooking outside on the grill, huddling around the fire pit, carving pumpkins, or lounging in front of a large fireplace. However you will use it, you’ll need to prepare the space as well with weather-proof furnishings. If you need assistance with deck inspection or maintenance, call United Fence & Deck!

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