Is Pressure-Treated Pine Worth It for Fences?

Is Pressure-Treated Pine Worth It for Fences?

Is a pressure-treated pine fence right for your property?

Pressure-treated pine, or southern yellow pine, is one of the most commonly used types of wood for fencing in the United States. It has numerous advantages over other types of wood for fences, but it does have prerequisites that all who plan to install a fence should know. Here is your run-down on whether or not pressure-treated pine is worth it for fences.


One should know right off the bat that pressure-treated pine is made to endure water, wind, and insects better than untreated pine. On the other hand, it is more prone to warp and splinter than other kinds of wood. Nevertheless, countless fence owners find it to be a satisfactory fence material for their property.


Because pressure-treated pine will warp more easily than cedar, cypress, mahogany, and other types of lumber, one will understand that its lifespan is shorter overall. Even so, one can expect the fence to last between 10-15 years with proper maintenance.


Is a fence that lasts 10-15 years worth it? If you are on a budget, this is an excellent option. Cedar and exotic woods can be pricey, but pressure-treated pine can be just right and well within budget. In general, cedar will cost 20-30% more than pine, and installation costs are also higher. If you want the beauty of a natural wood fence and you are on a budget, it is truly well worth considering.


Some may disagree on how pressure-treated pine compares with cedar and other woods concerning looks, but one can agree that the look and quality of natural wood often win the hearts of any fence owner over vinyl or composite. 

Cedar might have a classic aroma and beautiful reddish color, but one can stain pine to have a range of different shades that suits one’s preferences. Pine is more flexible. At the same time, it is naturally a pale golden color that will weather into a silvery gray.


Pressure-treated pine fences are worth it, especially to those willing to put in the effort to maintain it or hire the pros to maintain and repair it. Warped boards need replacing, and the entire fence needs staining every year. With the effort, a pressure-treated pine fence is well worth its affordable price.

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