How to Prevent Termite Damage to Wood Fence

How to Prevent Termite Damage to Wood Fence

Keep termites away from your wood fence with these tips!

A fence provides much added value to a Maryland home; it offers security against intruders, sets a boundary for children and pets, and can give a backyard some privacy. It will certainly increase one’s home value. If you have a wood fence, you’ll need to put in a little work to make sure it continues to be beneficial. In Maryland, one of the biggest problems people have is termites. Here are a few ways that you can prevent termites getting to your wood fence.

Treat the Fence

There are numerous ways to treat the fence for termites that are worth studying up on. One method is to coat the fence with termite spray before painting or staining the fence. You’ll want to make sure it completely fills the cracks and grooves in the wood in one even coat. You can also use an oil-based primer, oil-based stain, or termite-resistant paint. 

Your choice of wood also matters; some woods like cedar, teak, and cypress have natural insect-repelling resins that fight rot. These options are more expensive, though, in which case pressure-treated wood is a good way to go.

Keep Shrubbery Away

After treating the fence appropriately, you can also keep termites’ favorite food and conditions away from the fence. Trim back or transplant thick shrubbery away from the area, allowing the structure to always have good airflow. Foliage brushing up against the wood can invite pests and create a more insulated, moist condition.

Keep Mulch Away

Mulch is one of termites’ favorite foods. One should never put mulch right up against any other wood, not even against a tree. The mulch will encourage moisture to build up and insects to converge. Landscaping rocks or no mulch at all would be a better choice.

Deal with Drainage Issues

If puddles of water continually collect along your wood fence, the potential is greater for the wood fence to face damages, including from termites. 

Know the Signs

Unfortunately, termites are a common occurrence for many Maryland homes. After taking all the precautions, one should still check the fence now and again to prevent any termite damage before it gets worse. Watch out for signs like hollow wood, termite droppings, cracked paint, and general damage. 

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