Are Privacy Fences Rude?

Are Privacy Fences Rude?

Some ask, “Are privacy fences rude?” See why it could be and why it ultimately isn’t.

One of the most common questions people ask about privacy fences is, “Are privacy fences rude?” Your fence needs to serve your property’s needs, and in some cases, a privacy fence is the best option. Below is a guide on reasons why installing a privacy fence might be rude, why to get one, and fence installation etiquette.

Reasons a Privacy Fence Might Be Rude

There is nothing inherently rude about a privacy fence. Rather, it is ideal for numerous occasions, which we will get into later. However, it can be rude if you put one up in a certain way. 

For example, if you are encroaching on your neighbor’s property line, you won’t have a happy neighbor. If you have good relations with your next-door neighbors and say hello regularly, but then one day block your view from them, it could come off as unfriendly. Your neighbor also won’t be pleased if you happen to block their view of a landscape or the road.

Reasons to Get a Privacy Fence

On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons why a privacy fence is the ideal backyard boundary solution. First, it marks the property. There is no question where your property starts and ends. With its solid panels, you can keep your pets and kids within bounds at all times.

Second, it keeps passersby from looking in. If you live in tight quarters or on a busy street, chances are people prefer you have a privacy fence. They work very well on houses on street corners, which typically get the most passing traffic.

It also gives you the leisure to enjoy your backyard more freely, in privacy. Privacy fences have both a visual and an aural barrier; in other words, they help soundproof your parties from other properties.

Fence Installation Etiquette

How does one prevent a neighbor from feeling that privacy fences are rude? If you have any hesitations, talk to your neighbors. Communication is key to understanding how they might feel about your fencing choice and letting them know what your intentions are. If you are ready to install a beautiful new privacy fence on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, United Fence & Deck is here to help!

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