Pros and Cons of a Picket Fence

Picket Fence

There’s a reason the picket fence has become synonymous with the American dream, but are you aware of all of the drawbacks and positives of owning one?

You may be coming to this blog or this website thinking a white picket fence will make a picture of perfection for your property, with the ideal of the American dream in mind. You wouldn’t be wrong; a picket fence is a lovely addition to a home property and may suit the purpose you have for a fence well. Before you decide to invest, though, it is best to be informed of the positive aspects as well as the more negative aspects of a picket fence.


Affordable: Wood is fairly cheaper than say vinyl or aluminum, which tends to make this fencing material more appealing and popular.

Reusable: If you decide the wooden fence has gotten too old or unsightly, the planks and posts can be reused as siding for raised garden beds, swing seats, and other projects. Wood can still be useful long after its usage as a fence.

Versatile: Unlike other types of fences, wood can be painted or stained to whatever style you choose. Want a purple fence? You’ve got it. A wooden fence can also take add-ons, such as planters and decorative lights.

Protection: Wooden picket fences provide the average amount of protection needed against intruders.


Weathering: Because picket fences are made of wood, extra precautions are necessary to properly care for your picket fence and to ensure it is looking pristine 365 days in the year. The autumn and winter seasons can especially do damage, warping and weathering the wood due to change in temperature as well as moisture.

Rotting: Wood is susceptible to rotting either from moisture or from termite damage. This can be avoided using treated wood. Cedar is also naturally bug repelling.

Annual Maintenance: If you decide to get a wooden fence, know that annual maintenance will become part of regular home maintenance if you wish to keep it looking and functioning at its best.


A wooden picket fence, like any other type of fence, has its pros and cons. While a picket fence is popular among homeowners, can have multiple uses, is able to be easily personalized, and functions well as standard protection, it is also a good thing that cannot last forever. Prone to weathering and rotting, higher maintenance is required. So if you are looking for your dream white picket fence, see the possibilities, and know the responsibilities.

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