Pros and Cons of School Fencing

Pros and Cons of School Fencing

Is school fencing a worthy investment? Here are the pros and cons.

In recent years, schools have stepped up their game in providing adequate security for their students and faculty. A school property in a safe neighborhood might feel safe, but fencing is often recommended as a worthy security precaution. Should your school property have a fence? Below are the possible pros and cons of school fencing.

Secure Boundaries

First, the goal of a fence is to secure school boundaries. Securing boundaries proves beneficial, whether it is around an entire property or just around a playground or sports playing field. Students know that this space is theirs, and everyone knows where not to cross.

Prevent Trespassing

Fences provide the visual cue of where not to go as well as the physical. The right security fence can be tall and strong enough to prevent anyone from crossing over. Fences can also dictate what are private vs. public areas. Fence gates can be at highly visible locations so it is impossible for someone to break in stealthily. 

Improve Natural Surveillance

Speaking of visibility, school fences can also improve natural surveillance, the ability to have a clear view of the property from where one stands without cameras, alarms, etc. Fences can block off areas that are isolated and hard to view, have access points at prominent areas, and still maintain visibility inside contained areas and to the outside world.

Detract from Natural Surveillance

All these benefits apply to a school fence done right. However, improper design could result in an obstruction of natural surveillance, among other cons. If the fence is solid, such as a privacy fence, it could be harder to see danger on the other side of it. Chain-link, aluminum, or picket fences could work better.

Prevent Safe Escape

While you want your school to be secure, it mustn’t be too secure either. In other words, the gate lock must be easy to operate in case students need to escape from an internal danger. The position of the fence could also make a student’s path less convenient, forcing him to travel a longer way.

Feel Like a Jail

Lastly, one must not forget about aesthetics. A fence can negatively impact students, making them feel imprisoned. A tall security fence is not the best route to go. However, a tasteful, durable fence that serves its purpose will encourage the feeling of safety you aim for.

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