Pros and Cons of Vinyl Decks for Talbot County, Maryland

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Decks for Talbot County, Maryland

Vinyl decks have cons as well as pros. Check them out to see if a vinyl deck is best for your Talbot County home.

Wood has always been the classic outdoor structure material. It is natural and can last for decades, even centuries. Its downside is that it requires more maintenance than the newer material options. Vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is the up-and-coming product for fences and decks over the last few decades. It often has the boast of being maintenance-free, but this claim is not entirely true. Check out both the pros and cons of vinyl decks for your Talbot County home.

Vinyl Deck Pros

Vinyl has its fair share of benefits that any homeowner could enjoy. Vinyl decks generally do last a significant amount of time with little to no wear and tear. Usually, all they need for upkeep is a powerwashing once in a while. In wind and weather, vinyl decks hold up well. They also come with excellent warranties, though be sure to check whether or not the manufacturer covers labor costs or not. 

Besides having a practical side of durability and low-maintenance, vinyl decking is also versatile and aesthetically-pleasing. You can order it large, small, or any sizing you would like. United Fence & Deck also offers custom decking besides various deck styles and sizes. Vinyl also comes in plenty of colors, so you can make your deck stand out or blend in beautifully with the house and surrounding scenery.

Vinyl Deck Cons

When purchasing a vinyl deck, do not assume that any vinyl deck will last for decades. Vinyl can vary in its quality, so it is important that homeowners know they are installing a product that will last. Some vinyl, even with a lifetime warranty, will start to peel, crack, and stain in only several short years. Manufacturers may not pay for the labor to replace the deck, so you may end up shelling out hundreds more than you expected. United Fence & Deck would be happy to share with you about the quality of their vinyl products online or over the phone. 

Another con of vinyl decks is the price tag. Wood is less expensive but requires higher maintenance, while vinyl is more expensive but offers long-lasting durability. For some homeowners, the upfront cost may be a downer. Over time, the material may also oxidize, leaving a powdery substance on the surface. Thankfully, there are cleaning products that can restore the vinyl good as new. 

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