Ready Your Yard for Fence Installation

Ready Your Yard for Fence Installation

Make your new fence installation easy with these preparatory steps.

Getting a new fence is a significant step in improving your yard. The right fence can allow your young ones and pets to play and roam within bounds, add privacy, set boundaries, and keep intruders out. It can add beauty to your home that you couldn’t before imagine. Here is what you need to do to ready your yard for your new fence installation.

1. Let the Neighbors Know

If you live in close quarters with neighbors and maybe share the fence with them, it does not hurt to notify them about your plans and see what they think of it. Checking in with them is a good way to maintain friendly relations.

2. Know the Property Line

Knowing the property line is crucial to fence installation. If your brand new fence is even a couple inches over the line, the neighbors can obligate you to tear it down. That would be a sad ending for a high-quality fence. A land surveyor can help you determine the line.

3. Check the Local Rules

Many neighborhoods are under a homeowner’s association. They have codes and laws about where you can build something and how. For example, you may not be allowed to install a fence that is more than 6 feet. 

4. Check the Utilities

Know where the utility lines are in your property. You do not want to end up having a fence post in the water pipe or snap a cable with one either. Thankfully, a qualified fencing company will likely be able to help you out.

5. Remove Obstacles

To make the job easier for those installing the fence, remove extra plants that are in the way. Prune back trees and shrubs that are touching the current fence or hanging over the property line. Keep pets and kids away from the area while the project commences as well.

6. Choose the Best Style

The material and style you choose for your fence is an important decision. Be prepared for the maintenance costs you have to pay for whatever type. Wood will require more upkeep but add natural beauty, while vinyl and aluminum are low-maintenance and highly durable. Consider the style of your neighborhood and make sure not to contrast in an unappealing way.

7. Choose the Best Fencing Company

One of the best ways to prepare for your fence installation is to choose the best company for the job. It should be one that will give you a written estimate, has high-quality products, and offers excellent customer and installation services. On the Eastern Shore, United Fence & Deck is here to help!

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