Reasons to Get a Dog Fence

Reasons to Get a Dog Fence

Having a fence is important if you have pets for the following reasons!

If you are getting a pet dog or already have one, you might consider whether or not a dog fence is necessary. While there are alternative ways to keep your pet within bounds, there are several reasons to get a dog fence in Maryland.

Protection from Dangers

Maryland has a varied mixture of residential settings. Some homes are in the city, some in the suburbs, and some in the woods, pastures, and fields. With all these different settings, a pet can run into various dangers when outdoors. A fence protects a dog from getting hit by a vehicle, from kidnappers, and wild animals. 

Protection from Running Away

If your dog gets loose, you are liable. A dog might run out of the yard for many reasons, such as boredom, a distraction, a new move, a habit of running far and wide, and more. While your dog likely loves you, it might not be immune to wandering out of bounds. 

Healthy Boundaries

On the flip side, a fence provides healthy boundaries for your dog to roam and run around freely. Pets love boundaries; they provide a sense of order in their lives. Your dog fence can be that boundary for them, either high enough to prevent jumping, or low enough for pets to look over and enjoy the view. All in all, it gives them the space to play and exercise but lets them know where not to go. Consider your fence as a way to let your dog be “free-range.”

Create a Safe Enclosure

The fence is just for the dogs; it’s also for you and your family! Just as a fence will protect your dog from outside threats, it can also prevent intruders from entering your property. There is no question where your property begins and ends. If you have young children, a fence also provides protection for them too. A fence will be necessary by law if you own a swimming pool.

Types of Fences for Your Dog and Family

  • Picket: A picket fence has spaces between each picket but still provides adequate privacy and security. Picket fences can be vinyl, wood, or composite and come in many styles and colors.
  • Privacy: Privacy fences are best for yards located beside busy streets and close housing quarters. They can come in many styles and materials as well.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum fences are the strongest and provide transparency between the rails. They are low-maintenance and come in various colors and styles.
  • Chain-link: Practical and sturdy, chain-link fences do not offer privacy but get the job done.

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